by: Clay Kent

Date: June 1, 2015


Built into every iPhone, iPad and many Androids is a wonderfully underused piece of technology just begging to have its creative potential exploited. It’s the accelerometer’s more competent but less understood sibling, the gyroscope. In this blog, I will create a gyroscope enabled web page using javascript that demonstrates the device’s basic operation.

But first, why is a gyro better than an accelerometer?

While the accelerometer can tell you which way is down, and therefore the angle that your device is being held at, it can not tell you about ‘Yaw’ or how the device is spinning or oriented on a flat Read More»

by: Clay Kent

Date: July 22, 2015


Part 1 covered rotations and Euler Angles. In part two, we are going to explore rotations using the much more versitile quaternion.

Remember the giant catch I spoke about in part 1 regarding Euler angles? Is this the dreaded gimbal lock? Isn’t that the main reason not to use Euler Angles?

To visualize gimbal lock, imagine a gyroscope toy that has all it’s gimbals lined up flat in the same plane like it just came out of the box. In this rare but very plausible state, it actually can not rotate in the 3rd dimension as no gimble is lined up in any way to actually allow that particular rotation. This is called gimble lock. Read More»

by: Clay Kent

Date: April 28, 2017


If you knew me in the 90s, remember how I said this new-fangled thing called the Internet is going to be huge and change everything? But if you pressed me for details, the techno-babble that spewed from my mouth was boring and incomprehensible. Well, it’s time once again for an extremely important, prophetic, and incomprehensible sermon, this time on the importance of net neutrality.

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